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TRBQ Podcast #3 — The joy is in the giving

Money can make you happy. Especially if you give it to someone else. A growing body of research shows that giving  money to other people is more likely to make you happy than keeping the money. In this episode, Michael Norton from the Harvard Business School tells Dean about his fascinating research into sharing and generosity.


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Empathy: You have to be carefully taught

Whether you’re altruistic or not may depend on what kind of family you grew up in.

TRBQ host Dean Olsher recently talked with Tom Smith at the University of Chicago about his study of altruism and empathy in America.

Smith directs the National Opinion Research Center at the university. Every year, the center does a national survey of social trends.

Recently they looked at altruism, and Smith says they got some results he wasn’t expecting. (more…)